What Medium Readers Are Hungry For
elizabeth tobey

Veering off topic, but not breaking from it, I have two questions.

  1. I’d like help choosing what tags to use in a given story, so I want to know what other tags particular people are using. You wrote a piece recently about plagiarism. I wanted to reference a similar topic. You used Community as a tag on that piece. So I have used Community on my piece. I’m sure there are more appropriate tags to use, so how do I find what others have used? It would be nice to a) look at elizabeth tobey/tags for some possibilities, b) have a thesaurus page of related terms as they’ve been used by other writers.
  2. I’m looking at an unreferenced piece of work that is potentially very misleading. We’ve each seen other Medium stories that have raised questions about the credentials, credibility, and truthfulness of a given writer. Aside from wanting a tag to flag that concern as it arises, I am raising the question of what Medium sees as its role in screening, vetting, and otherwise policing misleading content.

I can already see the officialese disclaimers, Terms of Use and so on. I’m thinking beyond that to the broader question of journalistic integrity, and the liminal area between Medium and full-fledged journalism where pre-selected authors are commissioned to write pieces. I get it that Medium is meant to be a place for grown-ups to wander the farm and choose whatever catches their fancy. But we know that grownups can be both malicious and gullible in equal measure.

So I’m mulling over things that might help address both of those vulnerabilities.

Your thoughts?

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