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by David Leroy, Alice Coucke, Thibaut Lavril, Thibault Gisselbrech and Joseph Dureau

We propose a practical approach based on Federated Learning to solve out-of-domain issues encountered with continuously running embedded speech-based models such as wake word detectors. We conduct an extensive empirical study of the federated averaging algorithm for the “Hey Snips’’ wake word based on a crowdsourced dataset that mimics a federation of wake word users. We empirically demonstrate that using an adaptive averaging strategy inspired from Adam in place of standard weighted model averaging highly reduces the number of communication rounds required to reach our target performance. The…

By David Leroy, Alice Coucke, Thibault Gisselbrecht and Joseph Dureau, illustrations by Quentin Le Bras

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“Sorry I did not understand what you said”

In a rather short time frame, natural language has become the next frontier for human-machine interactions — it allows customers to use devices in an intuitive way, without the need for them to learn yet again a new unfriendly interface. This new paradigm has opened a brand new world of experiences to brands, and the hype is real — the chatbot world has been growing crazily over the past few years, and same thing is currently happening with voice interfaces.

Note to the reader: natural…

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Alexa,, Luis, SiriKit, and Snips

By Caroline Wisniewski, Clément Delpuech, David Leroy, François Pivan, and Joseph Dureau

Note to the reader : a dynamic version of this article can be found HERE, including interactive data-visualisations.

Over the past few years, natural language interfaces have been transforming the way we interact with technology. Voice assistants in particular have had strong adoption in cases where it’s simpler to speak than write or use a complex user interface. This becomes particularly relevant for IoT, where devices often don’t have touchscreens, making voice a natural interaction mechanism. …

David Leroy

Senior machine learning engineer @snips

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