Refugee origin

David L Giles

August 3 at 8:47am ·

A childhood friend of mine (common roots: she and her sister and me and my brothers all played kick the can at the Winston’s, Crestview and Ashton) proposed recently that her friends keep presidential politics off their facebook posts, for sake of … you know. Makes a lot of sense to me. Some time ago Alex suggested I try Medium, so future rants will go there (with facebook rights reserved). Parting thought attached.


Bob Kettlewell Libertarians are the old R moderates. Our politics are more like a train wreak than ever: you want to look away but can’t. Remembering kick the can at Winston’s.

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David L Giles And nickel ante poker with Mr Winston stopping by to announce how far over 100 he’d shot…

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David L Giles Not sure if you saw this found by Bill Bush about our hometown …

The Republican Party’s Trump Infection Spreads

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Ron Hunter The libertarians and the gold standard is a deal breaker for me.

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David L Giles If you have located a deal-breaker free candidate let me know … see you on Medium.