Encouraging Feedback from Directs

I’ve experienced this many times in my short career where my boss hasn’t encouraged feedback on topics that would impact me. A lot of the time they said they don’t have the time, they have bigger priorities or gets distracted when we’re having our one-on-one to show me they’re listening.

Bosses that encourage feedback from their directs on things that will impact them is important. This could be compensation changes, team changes, role changes or responsibility changes.

For example, a change in marketing spend if you work on the marketing team would be important to know the reasons why and get feedback on what others think about it. This not only shows humility but trust in the team to offer their perspective on the issue. The final decision maker is the boss so he/she has the final choice.

I think the standard for management is so low that everyone is just meeting that and not learning to become better since they haven’t had a boss that is like that. Changing behaviour a lot of times has to do with looking at modelling role models. Haven’t no role model doesn’t have a clear direction of what to do, like a child that will pick up the negative behaviour of their parents.

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