I’m a Scientist. This is What I’ll Fight For.
Jonathan Foley

I’m a scientist too and I’ve spent years learning how to put pollution science and health literally in the palm of every citizen’s hands. I don’t mean this in some abstract way, but actual, instant access to every relevant fact, energy related risk, sustainable alternative and every health exposure statistic together with demographics in each individual’s neighborhood in America on your phone. Now I am on the verge of making available all this from a single app on every smart phone. This could answer the age old questions of who has been poisoned by pollution, by what and how much, when, where, who’sresponsible and what are

the likely consequences?

Imagine one Pollution Portal which can map your home in relation to every pipeline, refinery, nuclear power plant and oil well in the US without typing a single URL. What if you knew where every wind turbine, solar facility and biofuel plant was from your neighborhood and

could show it to all the others in your organization.

Consider the political power you could wield if you knew the location and 30 year history of every pollution source in your state and could overlay the race, average income and disease incidence of every chronic disease and cancer in every county.

This is not some Utopian pipedream for I have already developed such a resource on my phone and I am busily making it available on yours. All I need is your support, your voice and your commitment to putting this indisputable science into the hands of every American and archiving these databases so that no govt or agency can destroy this treasure. This is what I am willing to fight for. Are you?

David Lincoln