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A China marketing analysis for Wolford
Let’s make a wonderful deal


Today, as purchasing power increases, the demographic dividend, China is becoming a huge emerging market.

Since Chinese economic reform, the disposable income of the Chinese people has been greatly improved. After solve the basic survival needs, people desire the quality.

From online search, Wolford’s stockings quality is excellent. However, the geographical constraints, cultural differences, make the Chinese consumers know little about this excellent brand.

The rise of the Internet, let the people on Earth and things in an unprecedented way linked. Nothing can stop consumers from buying their favorite products.

The establishment of channels: Taobao, JD, online shopping overseas, Bonded Area
Information flow: Zhihu, SMZDM, Weibo, Wechat moments

Quality product sell well example:

  • 3C: iPhone, MacBook, S7edge, mechanical keyboard
  • Education: school district house, bilingual classes, study abroad
  • Way: online shopping overseas, crowdfunding

The Roman avenue to Consumerism has been completed, the next era, is a new era of marketing and brand building !

We should focus on core competitiveness and carry out a series of marketing and services:

  • Looking for the sense of value consumers
  • Create a shared social circle
  • A steady stream of quality content
  • Continuously improving the user experience


1 origin
2 Needs and Product: Product as a Service
 Scenario Requirements
 Functional Requirements
 Consumer groups
 Product Ladder
 Shopping Guide App
 New channel construction
3 New Media Marketing
 3.1 Marketing
 Build trust — improve the quality of information: from advertising to content
 Less is More!

 3.2 Community
 Understand demand — Move the spotlight: From star to user
 Wolford x data
 Wolford x Aerie & Everlane

 3.3 Crossover cooperation
 Each is in its proper place.
 Wolford x SMZDM
 Wolford x Zhihu
 Wolford x Fenda
 Wolford x Weibo
 Wolford x Wechat
 Wolford x Lofter
 Wolford x Bilibili
 Wolford x NetEase Music
 Wolford x Live
 Wolford x Douban
 Wolford x Game
 Wolford x Emoji
 Wolford x Keep
 Wolford x Airbnb
 Wolford x Crowdfunding
4 Summary
 About me
5 References
 Great example
6 Acknowledgments
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 Meme, social network …


Is the Muse
Is an angel’s gift
Is a dream-like filter
Full of curiosity and imagination …

Stockings, not just accessories, it is the point, a symbol, a temperament … …
Stockings, should be given connotation, a symbol of the spirit of the aesthetic!

Needs and products

Stockings, which meet the needs of human Maslow requirements?
In addition to meet the male gaze, but also to meet the needs of what?

  • How can help build an intimate relationship?
  • How to set off temperament image?
  • How to embody artistic creation value?

In the high-tech field
Third-rate enterprises to sell products, second-rate enterprises to sell patents, first-class enterprises to sell standard!
So, in the field of consumer goods, we can derivation:
Third-rate enterprises to sell products, second-rate enterprises to sell the brand, first-class enterprises to sell culture!
For example: watches, red wine and diamonds.

In fact, the three companies can meet the basic needs of the product, the difference is added to the value-added products.

What should it be? Advertising costs, quality fees, or a unique meaning and service?

Connotation is not empty castle in the air, but based on the user, we have to do is:
Recognition, discovery, set off the user’s beauty!
To help users show the greatest value of beauty!

That is, to meet the material needs of users at the same time, but also to meet the user’s deep spiritual needs related to this!

In the IT industry, today’s most popular model is called SaaS (Software as a Service).
So, in the consumer goods field, it should be extended to PaaS (Product as a Service).

One of the great features of Internet products is constantly digging, development of new user needs, and then in new ways, new dimensions, new design, new applications, to meet the needs of users!
From the function of the forum, to the content of everything, to achieve colorful social network.

People’s material needs are limited, the spirit of the demand is infinite!
Therefore, we have to clever combination of the two services to users.

Wolford, from the stockings of the body, to a spirit of the pursuit of the concept of beauty.

Wolford Today’s Core Competitiveness:

Quality: Seamless, comfortable, design.
The highest quality to meet the needs of users of beauty.

Now our moat is the quality
However, the development of technology and the pursuit of change with each passing day
80% quality + the appropriate price, will occupy the market
Therefore, we should expand the moat to quality + service
Like iPhone + iOS for Apple

The future of core competitiveness:
Product as a Service
Providing an unforgettable quality and service, the user will coming again and again.

The new era, we have to keep up with the needs of consumers, with the greatest efforts to meet their needs.

Scene requirements, different scenarios, different needs.
Charming, mood, fun
Friends get together, shopping, outing
Different festivals, different themes
the weather
Climate, temperature, humidity
Business, celebrations, media occasions
Dignified, charming, personality

Online social sharing:
The beauty, is the need to show to the audience, and we, it is necessary to help highlight the beauty of each user, the beauty of all dimensions.
Work, the media; daily, exchanges; visual beauty, temperament of the United States, the image of the United States, the beauty of women, the beauty of reverie.

Functional requirements, different functions, to provide different services.
A well-prepared gift is a surprise package.
Provide a rich, highly DIY packaging portfolio.
Guide users to help each other, provide detailed cases, compilation of female gifts guide,
daily supplies
Preferential packaging, ordering services.
New product release
VR live, fresh, What You See Is What You Get, the fastest speed to the user.

Consumer groups, different consumer groups, different needs.
white collar
Fashion, simplicity, texture, image, close
Trendy, ideal, fantasy world, ACG, Game, Movie, Story
Body, color, age, style, personality ……

Price ladder, diversity price, diversity choice.
To provide parity-based products
Expand the number of users
increase awareness
Innovative high-end products
Attracting some of the users to buy high-end products

Just like the free Internet services, basic services, value-added services, subscription services

All in all:
The establishment of a highly flexible service system
Provide a variety of products
For the various qualifying conditions
Full cooperation Cortana, Siri, Google Now, Telegram bot, VR and other latest technology
After a large number of high-quality content of UGC value assessment, screening
Provide just the right product recommendations

New Media Marketing

The Medium is the Metaphor. Media as Epistemology.
Neil Postman 1985 Amusing Ourselves to Death


Shaping trust
Improve the quality of information: from advertising to content

When we live in such Weibo, Zhihu etc SNS age, please do not confined to the original print ads, television advertising marketing methodology.

The new era, advocacy style should be diversified development, different platforms, different audiences, different styles, different content, the same is the core values.

  • Traditional advertising, producers are constantly telling and declaring, and not how users care about the small voice.
  • Traditional advertising, all according to the script performance, only to provide specific and scarce information.
  • Traditional advertising to script fictional demand scenarios to fictional users star.
  • Traditional advertising, always forced to show to a large number of users, aggressive persuasion.

In the old days of the past, information technology had not been so advanced that it was difficult for producers to collect user needs and feedback at low cost. They often can only rely on their keen intuition, found that demand, understand the demand, manufacturing products, to market. In the final step, if the product meets the demand, the producer will be successful. And if the product and demand dislocation, then the cost of sinking.

Therefore, we can find that the success of the product, the core elements of advertising has never been, but to match the demand fit.

Social networking era, what users need?

In social networks, users are constantly in the consumer content, and continue to find content, it is an endless stream of output content.

Traditional media has lost the channel advantage, no longer monopolize the information output! They are no longer the main carrier of information, the declaration of advertising is no longer the only signpost.

As a result, social networking has brought the information revolution, eliminating the traditional media’s voice.

Information jungle, the fragmentation of information in the continuous competition, evolution.

After survival of the fittest, the most vitality of the information will evolve into a meme, they contain a wealth of information and emotions.

Followed by meme, to express, output content, or personal or team, has become since the media.The content, uniqueness, quantity, quality, creating a fan attributes, the number of fans, fans quality. (Non-linear correlation)

The new era, Wolford should be committed to their own areas of self-media, closely related to the high meme, the second creation, open-ended, continuous output of quality content, that can get a lot of goodwill and impression.

High quality content gives high credibility, like NASA
Chase meme guaranteed wide dissemination, like BuzzFeed

Is no longer forced to watch ads, but by our full of beauty and creative content to attract, take the initiative to understand our products, according to demand choice of products.

PS: vigilance over-marketing, unlimited expectations of overstating can not be met
e.g. Durex live, Alipay Five Blessing

The most valuable in Marketing— honest!
And it is the biggest difference between the content and Advertising!
With sincere content and information to win the trust of users!

Less is More!
Marketing push content is not the more the better
But just right

For example: In contemporary society, noise is everywhere
Many people choose to endure
Few people will take the initiative to buy earplugs
And only a very small number of people can buy good as OHRFRIEDEN earplugs

User needs are so hungry
However, good information is so scarce

The value of information, and scarcity are closely related

When we provide the information more in line with demand, the higher the value of information
Our credibility is also rising

Here, we will introduce the most powerful force in the information age: community
But unfortunately, too many individuals, groups, companies, know little about it
This is a far beyond the oil, gold, diamond treasures
Because its value comes from the soul of all things — human
And it is more and more educated, more powerful creative ability of the modern human
In order to form a positive feedback, we should pay for good community content (sponsorship)


When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.
Matthew 9:36 NIV

Open the door,
Open the door。
Open the door!

Understand the needs 
Moving spotlight: From star to user

Today’s Internet is such a tool:
Everyone can be touched, everyone can be used, everyone is served.
To break the boundaries of the reality of strangers to gather similar interests and needs of the people.
People are increasingly obsessed with the Internet, because people, things, things are attracted to them.

Why the Internet is efficient?
Because the reality of the information transmission is too complex, too many restrictions, independent of the amount of information, signal to noise ratio is too low!
The Internet divides people’s needs into numerous dimensions and combines them with each other, breaking the limits of time and space.
All kinds of social networks, so that modern human society glow with a new color!

Narrow social network
Each social software is a separate social network
Can be divided into chat, communication, video, file sharing, blog, news etc
Broad sense of the community
Everything that revolves around a particular need
Interested person
Interaction: content, information, evaluation

Time is changing, the community, the producer is no longer in the past as the center of the throne.
In the consumer goods homogeneity is extremely serious nowadays, the so-called long history, high quality, is not the decisive factor in market competition. But only one of the advantages of Bale.
The producer gradually becomes the basic service provider in the system ecology chain.

In order not to lag behind in this era, we must change ourselves, respond to the needs of users, and constantly improve the product.

Therefore, the user’s voice is very important, that is to stimulate the user to produce a large number of real and high quality UGC

The establishment of content digging team: Wolford — found beauty
Media Technical Support Team: Wolford — show beauty

Wolford x data

Paranoid and insightful Steve Jobs difficult to find in the world
Hungry and craving for the needs of users has never disappeared

Digging user needs
Use Netflix open source recommendation system
Analysis the user UGC
Understanding of user needs
Improve products and services

High-quality content output
Follow the state-of-the-art source control / test / audit / submission system that Google has built
Create a highly efficient UGC content collection / tag / judgment / recommendation system for Wolford tags

Accurate information recommended
Take advantage of the latest technologies from Cortana, Siri, Google Now, Telegram bot, VR
Combined with UGC system
Response to individual needs

Wolford x Aerie & Everlane
From designer-driven company
User-driven company

Crossover cooperation
Each in its proper place

Wolford x SMZDM
Theme marketing, product marketing, price promotions, public measurement, the original user to share

Wolford x Zhihu
Information marketing, knowledge and insight, explore quality, skills, aesthetic, female value

Wolford x Weibo
Communication marketing, circular, interactive, response
Press Release Center
Quality content reproduced

Wolford x Lofter
Invited Wanimal and other cutting-edge, unique aesthetic photographer, show the user’s artistic beauty
Share photography skills: from basic to professional

Wolford x Wechat
Push premium content for reading, sharing, and interacting

Wolford x Fenda
Meet the user curiosity, entertainment, fun, communication

Wolford x Bilibili
Entertainment Marketing, Wolford is always with excellent, beautiful, interesting works together
Sponsor excellent teams and excellent works in music, dance, MMD, painting, fashion, life, etc.
And creative cooperation with the ACG, the US works from the second element to three yuan

Wolford x Game
The brand’s excellent taste into the role of design
As well as skin, clothing and other value-added products
Such as: miracle warm, LOL, Dota2, Watch Pioneer

Wolford x NetEase Music
Emotional marketing, songs and songs alone, to create an atmosphere, mood, impression

Wolford x Emoji
Textures, facial expressions package
Another: software theme, the system theme

Wolford x Live
Live application of the various scenarios, to explain our understanding of the United States, to guide the user’s consumption and aesthetic
Dressing room
Interactive, share, explore, for each occasion, how to dress appropriately
Share the journey of culture, people, customs

Wolford x Douban
Art marketing, select the popular book audio and video, sharing based on the values ​​of the United States

Wolford x Keep
Health of the United States
Fitness Support Group

Wolford x Airbnb
This wonderful night to create a memorable

Wolford x Crowdfunding
Crowdfunding: the concept of the product of unknown prospects
Open part of the API
Collection user ideas
So that fans can participate in a certain degree of product design
Common achievement products


My vision:
Wolford’s excellent products and user-friendly services to improve the user’s real-life experience, and user needs common growth and evolution.
So that the contents of the associated Wolford tag continuously generated, the embodiment of Wolford’s core aesthetic value, and continuously expand its connotation and extension.

It is a strong desire to join Wolford and become a Chinese marketer. Through excellent marketing and service, we can make excellent products and services to share with more Chinese consumers.


Q: Why do not many users care about star ads?
A: Sellers show, Not mine.
Social network era, users began to care about their own needs.
Therefore, we must pay more attention to the user’s beauty!

Q: Why we can't just do “sell” this one thing?
A: Because the good things have enough connotation and extension!
For example, a good movie
We will never forget after reading the back, talk about it
We will be in the watercress, know, the circle of friends to talk about the high spirits of the film
Combined with their own experience, the feelings, express their feelings
As well as communication, bringing together different people’s feelings and insights
With this, we have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the film
Get more fun
The film has also achieved a higher value

Simple consumer goods to meet the basic needs of people, focusing on hard-wide and channels.
High-end consumer goods also meet the advanced needs of the people, the need for products and services, enjoys popular support so that it has added value.

Q: What is a product? What is service?
A: To meet the demand
To meet more needs

This is why SaaS, PaaS as the future direction, they are outside the product, providing a very detailed and in-depth service

In my eyes, the world of all things, are in demand and meet the demand.
Bearing in mind the nature of the transaction: demand and trust

Q: Why did you choose this job?
A: Because I appreciate the beauty of women and the value of women.

Q: Why did you become a student in college?
A: lack of information after the college entrance examination, see the name of the election professional
SCM, DSP and other professional courses, not very interesting
Not suited to classroom teaching, content, form and rhythm

University years, my education mainly from the list of Acknowledgments and Reference 
Education can also be in the form of entertainment
Entertaining, impressed, impressed
And then specialized learning
Interest is the best teacher

Q: What do you want to say about Wuhan University?
A: Although not suited to undergraduate majors
But very grateful to provide a large free and romantic environment

Q: The last words to say?
A: Hello, world! Good morning.


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Personality is also a competitive force

How to treat Google engineers revealed that Google has 2 billion lines of code, the equivalent of 40 times to write Windows?

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Great example:
Yuka Kinoshita


Bridgewater Associates
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