Why AI will Make Humans More Human?

Technology has changed the world many times, in the 18th century the steam machines were crucial to the industrialisation of modern civilisation. One century later, electricity changed our lives and constituted the seed of future technological progress. The 20th century was the century of the scientific-technical revolution and the 21st century brought the information and telecommunications revolution.

Today we are living a new revolution. Artificial Intelligence and specifically Machine Learning is transforming our world in a much faster and drastic way than even before.

Machines are now performing cognitive tasks that humans believed could never be performed by machines. Machines are now much more precise and faster than humans and in many cases are able to take much better decisions than humans.

The Value Of Human Knowledge

In order to get a taxi license in London the drivers need to know all streets in London and also to be able to predict the shorter or faster route between any two points at any time of the day. It usually takes an average of three years to pass the test.

However today with the help of a smartphone you are not only able to know instantly all the streets of London, you can also get traffic information in real time so you will be able to take the fastest route at any time. This actually applies to basically any city of the world.

The vast amount of data available today combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence is drastically reducing the value of human knowledge.

Start Machines Vs Smart Humans

In 2017 AlphaGo beat Ke Jie, the world №1 ranked Go player at the time, in a three-game match.

For many years, it was believed that a machine could not beat a professional Go player since in order to win the Go game the computer should be able to design and execute different complex strategies which was believed to be a purely human capability

Once more AI showed the world how machines can replicate pure human capabilities.

Machines like Humans

Recently China’s state-run press agency has created an ‘AI anchor’ to read the news and the result is incredible.

We all were afraid of being replaced by a machines however we believed certain jobs will require a human however this example teaches us that in the near future this will be possible.

Humans More Humans

The machines are making human knowledge less relevant and are able to replicate human capabilities and even our appearance, behaviour and look. So what can humans do to succeed?

I believe that all tasks that can be automated by machines will be automated, I also believe that machines will get much better at performing “human” tasks and in many cases machines will totally substitute humans in certain activities. However machines will never be humans and will not be able to think, reason and feel like humans and this will make the difference.

The problem I see with the AI anchor is not that it looks, talks or acts like a human, the real problem is that there are many humans that look, talk or act like the AI anchor.

The only way humans can succeed is by being more human and by focusing in the characteristics that make us different from machines not by trying to be better than them.