Functional Programming does a horrible job of selling itself
Santosh Kumar

I’ve started to get comfortable with some of the power of FP, lately…I’ve written Ruby/Rails and JS utilizing functional paradigms for quite some time. This definitely struck a chord with me (ex: I still don’t really “get” pattern matching…), and I totally agree that FP should do a better job explaining/marketing itself. Furthermore, I think it’s dangerous to compare FP and OOP as an “us vs. them” argument. I think that both paradigms bring some very solid ideas to the table, and the best programmers I know tend to write object-oriented systems in a functional manner. We need to make it clear that adopting FP doesn’t mean your throwing OOP out the window, but, rather, injecting OOP’s clear mental model with the “steroids” of clean coding practices (or something like that).

Thanks for the write up!