San Francisco High Rise Buildings. Why don’t we build residences in office buildings so workers can just take an elevator to work?

Lack of Imagination and Homelessness

Homelessness in California cities is a direct result of greed combined with a lack of compassion and imagination on the part of our leaders and the citizens.

We imagine towers of babbel so we build them.

We can't imagine ways to build simple homes for those who fail to earn enough money to pay for a housing unit.

Pretty sad. Depressing. How can we imagine and build such incredible palaces and yet fail to imagine how to build homes for the less fortunate?

We can imagine a war in a country on the other side of the world that never ends that we gladly pay for.

We in SF can imagine a government agency that protects the rights of tenants who already have a lease regardless of how much income the tenant earns but we can't imagine an agency that actually builds housing for those with no home at all.

In both SF and LA we can imagine huge warehouses sitting empty but we can not imagine converting those warehouses into living spaces for the homeless at tax payer expense.

We can imagine government owned housing projects with occupants living generation after generation in social poverty.

We can't imagine converting these projects to condominiums and granting ownership to the residents to provide them with the equity it takes to achieve the American dream.

We can imagine the mentally sick wandering and defecating and using drugs on our streets.

We can imagine the freedom to throw out these people from our homes so we may live free from their pain.

We can't imagine granting a government agency the freedom to quickly become conservators for the obviously mentally sick homeless person and finding them appropriate housing.

We can imagine wealthy people with millions and billions in banks who own multiple residences which remain vacant most of the time.

We can imagine every possible way to avoid paying taxes including by deliberately cheating and hope to not get caught but only paying small fines if we do.

We have all the imagination we need to create all the beautiful arts.

Where is the imagination and compassion we need to build homes for the homeless?