Notes on the present and “after I get X done, things will be better”

Have you ever had something not fun that you’ve needed to get done and you fantasize about how much better your life will be when it gets done? Of course you have. You’re human.

Life seems to be perpetually throwing up hilled obstacles in our path that lead us to believe that once we make it over the top, we’ll finally be happy. “Once I get this [car, job, house,]” or “Once I get done with this [task, client, assignment, debt]” all will be well!

Well, it just ain’t so. You see, the problem with that kind of thinking is that it’s never ending. As soon as one obstacle is overcome, you experience a temporary moment of bliss, only to be matched with yet another one that comes right after it.

This is why we must learn to accept our own happiness in the now, accept our problems, understand they will be solved, and try not to focus on them any more than is necessary. There is so much in all of our lives that have nothing to do with these problems that is worth dedicating more time to. And those I’m happy to say we don’t have to overcome any obstacles to get to other than our own mistaken mindset.

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