You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman


So much misinformation here but it doesn’t seem to matter that even when things like the wage gap are disproven that people want to try and keep it alive. First of all, what has the feminist movement done lately? Nothing. You already had your rights. Be thankful for the original feminists yes, but not you. Not this generation. Why? Because you have bastardized what being a feminist means. Only 1 in every 5 women in America call themselves a feminist. Because that word no longer means what it used to. When a the group that organized the women’s march tell a group of women that they cannot march with them, you silenced this women’s voices. It wasn’t a march about women’s rights. It was a march about a liberal agenda. It was a march about Anti-Trump. But it was certainly no march about women’s rights. When women don’t align with you, you silence them like you try to do to any man.

Women are equal. Women have rights, but they also have the right to chose which movement they will and won’t promote. Especially one that has become full of hate and misinformation.

As a fellow supporter of women’s rights, I also point out the BS and hypocrisy of such a movement. Women’s rights isn’t about liberals. It isn’t about feminism. It’s about all women no matter what they identify as.

Until this generation gets their shit together and actually accomplishes something for women, until they can share one voice with women instead of division, until they actually support equality among everyone, not just women, you will find more and more women leaving your divisive group and starting something that heals and promotes love and unity as well as equality.

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