Fuck motivation

How do I manage to keep motivated?

This question was dropped last night after my LIVE QnA stream.

And its something that ive mentioned lots of times, in emails
blog posts, Videos and Live streams.

So here’s a deliberately short and sharp and punchy response.

Hopefully one that punches you right in your face

^^metaphorically of course.

Not to be a dick, but just because it requires minimal fluff.

All of us need to take note, and if you are reading this now,
yes you too.

Consider this:

“Fuck motivation and JUST TAKE ACTION”

Take action NOW on the one thing you need to do NOW!

This will boost motivation…

Which will encourage more action…

Which will boost motivation…

You see the pattern?

The other option does even bare thinking about does it.

Do nothing….get nothing.

No one ever said this shit was easy, but it is simple.


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