Never go Full Rambo

Actually just a hint of Rambo will do.

Never go Full Rambo

Now you could defo describe him as ‘Savage’.

But don’t confuse the useage of this word.

Especially when I use it in the context of being a:

“NOBLE SAVAGE” << my Mens Lifestyle project

Ive seen lots of people post about being “Savage” 
on social media as a sign of :

*Badass’ery ( another term im not at ease with)


Most people’s ‘savagery’, is normally over the most mundane of tasks anyway… pfffttt

Savage AF…my arse
^^BTW Im not part of that slang-lingo bandwagon.

Dont tar me with that brush.

This is what Im getting at in regards to being a Noble Savage:

  • *Embrace your Wild Human Heritage.
  • *A Wild Man, symbolizing an innate goodness.
  • *Free from the corrupting influence of civilization.
  • *Able to thrive in the wilderness.

But also:

  • *A meaningful member of Society, contributing rather than bleeding the system dry.

Now this is not just about going off grid and disappearing into the mountains like John Rambo in First Blood.

The modern man must also be able to navigate successfully between our Urban lifestyles, environments and technologies.

Remember Never go full Rambo.

Just a hint of Rambo will do.

+ Have a mission.
+ Be resilient
+ Prioritise 
+ Get on with it
+ Dont be a mingebag

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