Think I was run over in my sleep

I dusted off my footie boots last night and played myfirst game of 5-a-side in about a year.

Mate….right now its 6am the following morning.

I already feel like ive been run over.

There nothing like the feeling of “delayed onset of muscular soreness” kicking in before you even get out of bed….

DOMS us cool kids in the industry call it.

I used to play every week with the lads back in South East London and it always got pretty lively, some might say out of hand.

It doesnt matter where you play 5 aside footie.

The same things ring true.

  • Its a hybrid of street fighting.
  • Sometimes its 4 vs 5.
  • The Kits never match.
  • The nob always goes in goal first.
  • Someone will go over on an ankle.
  • Always a midget with little man syndrome.
  • Some wanker will always go for the shins.
  • Some tit will always think hes a pro.
  • Cross bar challenge is prob the best bit of the whole game.
  • The end score line is ridiculous.

Now back to the matter in hand…how to ease the pain

of exercise.

  • Avoid the kebab and beer on the way home.
  • Hydrate with water.
  • Hot bath with Magnesium Flakes.
  • Proper meal after protein, fats, carbs etc.
  • Fish Oils.

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David ‘ Long Shot’ Luck

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