What the Fuck is a life coach?

A quick post to get this off my chest , after a coaching call with one of my own mentors,last week.

Along my 18 year Fitness industry journey so far , i have stopped off along the way and dipped my toes in the world of proper grown up jobs.

I have worked with the most psychotic of patients in the world of Mental Health nursing .
Where I experienced enough conflict and violent outbursts to last a life time.From suicide attempts and razor blades to personal attacks and attempted escapes.

I then moved into the world of the MOD where my sole task as a Firearms Officer was to protect the American Military based in London from Terrorist Attack.

We was told the day we signed up..
“its not ‘if ‘ we get attacked, its ‘when’ “
And yet I still took the job. 
^^ what was i thinking.

I think i was blinded by the light of playing with ‘big boys’toys.
Shooting guns, unarmed combat and conflict resolution, but the novelty soon run out after a couple of years being outside in rain, wet, freezing cold and waiting to get blown up by some random Terrorist.

Aka Cannon fodder.

So i hung up my firearms and returned back the fitness world in pursuit of my own facility,

2006' Luckys Gym’ was born, a true spit and sawdust gym in the heart of SE London, Lewisham.
A place that had an uncanny resemblance to both my previous roles, like some kind of Psychotic Terrorist love child.

(^^for the purpose of the tape I’ll leave it there)

I loved the brick and mortar buzz so much i ventured on to opening both a Wine bar and Urban Clothes shop.

Both of which I built, from scratch, all long before the world of social media and the concept of local Online marketing was still in its infancy.
Yet again conflict , pressure , stress and threats of violence was an every day occurrence.

And i fucking loved it.

You cant beat having a near miss with getting yourself stabbed in the neck at 2am in the morning by a disgruntled crack head.
Luckily my beard saved me and blunted the blade.

But out of the craziness i met my amazing wife. I developed a powerful mindset and the ability to thrive in any environment.
Come rain or shine, I turn up and get shit done.

Fast forward a few years and in contrast . I now have opened my biggest business so far in the middle of Loughborough JIM PLAY .
I find my self in a sleepy county village with 2 cats and a growing Coaching business .

Now… it is aimed at the fitness market, weight loss etc..

But i have found myself going far beyond that and have used the years of experience creating a programme that is more commonly coined as Life Coaching.

I help men , man the fuck up , get in shape and live happier lives.
I help small business owners boost productivity and deal with stress.

This term (life coaching) makes me sick in my mouth. but in essence, it does describe what i do.

So this is my question is…

What shall i call myself, what do you think is a better name for it?

I dont like the term life coach….answers on a post card….

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