Yup, I did it. Do I miss it? Nope.

Too much noise, not enough valid info. During the football worldcup it was fairly easy, as only one in three became a Bundestrainer over night. But these days, everyone seems to be either a German chancellor, or Kai Diekmann. I don’t want business with either of those. Scream all you want, I can’t hear you anymore. I’ve been poisoned and polluted enough.

So I just quit. Deactivated my Facebook account. And I’m so (-) close to let Twitter follow suit. Because the nice people are out on the street, and not on the internet. As you probably do as well, I kind of knew this, but I was too FUCKING LAZY to be consequent.

But I did it. Wasn’t all that hard. FB asked about a thousand times if I was sure. Quite annoying. But yeah, I was. And the FB Messenger still works without the account, so I’m not losing my old school mates or friends overseas either.

Feels pretty good for now. The asshole-rate in my life has dropped to a significant low.

You should give it a try.