Using Google Ads in your Squarespace Site

Sticker Mule horizontal ad using Google Adsense

I’ve recently used Squarespace to launch a vegetarian recipe blog, Karmic Kravings, my wife and I have been wanting to create for quite some time. As a first time user I opted to go with the “Personal” account which is just good enough for a simple blog with minimal design requirements, but unfortunately doesn’t give developer control to fully modify HTML/CSS/JS. What it does have is provide easy ways to inject code in the <head> and <footer> and customize CSS via an inline code editor.

In order to monetize the blog, I went with Google Adsense, being the most familiar and user-friendly option. Getting the <script> code is fairly simple in Adsense.

I am assuming you have already used Adsense but here is a link in case you haven’t.

Putting an ad in the footers of each blog post is straight-forward enough using “Post Blog Item Code Injection” found in the “Configure Blog” window.

However, placing the ad inside the body of each blog entry was not as trivial. Luckily, Squarespace offers inline code injection as a feature. The one negative aspect of the inline code is that I would need to repeat the process for every blog post, whereas the “Blog Post Injection” is a one-time deal.

Instead of writing the steps, below is a quick GIF on how I injected Google Ad code inside the body of a Squarespace blog post.