David L. Jones
Nov 2, 2017 · 1 min read

Great article on an oft forgotten, crucial moment in the trajectory of America. But this part on the League is a disservice to your argument. At the time public opinion was swaying strongly toward the League’s anti-imperialist efforts, but the Democratic convention allowed Bryan to dictate the policy platform. By doing so, he forced economic policies on free silver that were horribly unpopular due to the prosperity under McKinley’s first term which effectively killed the anti-imperialist movement and solidified American colonialism. Even at the time Roosevelt (arguably the biggest colonialist America has ever known) derided Bryan as communist, thus furthering your case regarding republican fears of leftist policy being the reason colonialism is so ingrained in our identity now.

    David L. Jones

    Written by

    federal graphic designer; scholar of organizational development and judeo-christian goddess theology; obsessed with the american revolution

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