It’s “Bring Your Gay to Work Day.”
Will DeKrey

As a straight male, my life has been soent doing many of the same things you have. I observe people. For those I know are gay, either because they told me or I was just able to figure it out, I have seen the characteristics you discuss. There have been a couple throughout those same years, however, who have taken on the victim role and used coming out as a weapon to try to incite some kind of negative response from me. When they do not receive said reaction, I notice a very deep sense of — something like — defeat, because I did not reinforce their sense of victimhood. I felt truly bad for them, not because they didn’t receive said reaction or even felt reaffirmation of their victim status, but because they hadn’t come to the same realizations you had: who they are as a person has strength that they can utilize in their daily lives that can make their world a better place in which to live. I still think about those two and continue to hope they have been able to rethink things. I wish, though, that I did have a tool in my arsenal that would help them come to that realization during the encounter, and was wondering if you might have any suggestions. Thanks.