Never forget this name: Rosa Maria Ortega
Ben Wolford

Criminal intent is not the point. Regardless of how she voted, she did so illegally. If intent was the exceptional factor in criminal cases, then we would have to review many cases, too many to count, for the actual intent of the perpetrator. A proud sailor takes a picture of the submarine he is assigned to and receives 15 years in federal prison. Was his intent to disseminate classified material? Probably not. The man who beat his wife to death because he was abusing her was probably truly sincere that he didn’t intend to kill her, he just wanted to teach her a lesson. And when you drove 75 in a 55 mile speed zone to get to work today, was your intent to put the lives of every other driver around you in danger, or to just get to work on time. A crime was committed despite the intent, and the law even tells us that ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it.