You don’t want to be equal.
Kirsten M. Corby

Have you read anything else I’ve written? If not, check out my rant about the color of my skin. I would like to know, however, if I am so privileged and special being a white male, then how is it that, despite having a Master’s degree, I am working a minimum wage job at the age of 48? How is it that I’ve never had a vacation, nor cannot afford to do the very thing others do when paying my miniscule wage? I’ve never owned a home, never had a new car, or any other luxuries I am supposed to have? Why do I not even receive replies when I’ve been turned down for jobs, let alone getting jobs that pay anything more than what I make now? I work just as much and as hard as anyone else, even more as my profession does not receive overtime, the profession I have to do because I have never been able to get work in the profession I went to school for, yet I have none of the rewards I’m supposed to have. I get pulled over when I break the law, which is why I choose not to break the law, and I become very afraid on those rare occassions when it has happened. In addition, anything I say or do can very easily and very quickly be turned against me. Why? Because aggression is in the interpretation of the receiver and not the sender. If a Ekman believes I am staring at her, then I’m staring at her, regardless if I was actually looking at her or not. If I’m walking along and need to cross the street because my destination is there, that can instead be viewed as a racist gesture if a person of color is approaching. So, I just want to knwo: is that equality? Is it instead rights for one at the expense of another? If the latter is the case, then it is not equality at all. And that is wrong, just as much so as prejudice and bias against minorities.