Everyone Deserves a Participation Trophy
Emma Lindsay

I absolutely love reading your work. Your views on liberal America are spot on. They see themselves as the defenders of the weak or forgotten, then forget that Americans are the weak and forgotten. They don’t want to punish the bullies who just beat up a kid with Downs Syndrome because it might hurt the bullies’ feelings. Then at the same time they become bullies themselves by calling people names because those people don’t think the way they do. They don’t see themselves as elitist because of their views, yet the previous example shows how elitist they are (I’m referring specifically to us Deplorables). Look at Bernie Sanders, the ultimate liberal progressive elitist. He runs a race under the guise of fighting for the little people, the lost and forgotten, and when he loses, he buys himself a house as a participation trophy, a house that none of his supporters will ever be able to afford — don’t mention that it’s his third house. Someday our government will have to learn, as well as the extremes within the general population, that the solutions to the problems facing this country do not lie on the fringes of the political spectrum but in the middle. Our problems are not political problems, they are human problems, and as such, do not have political solutions, but human ones.