Standing Rock Reveals the True Colors of Both the Media and the Democratic Party
Tony Brasunas

I was a Trump supporter during the general election because of the exact reasons you stated in your article regarding the Democrats, and most notably Hillary. I contended throughout the campaign to all of those Hillary supporters, some of whom began as Sanders supporters, that had the Democrats not been SO corrupted and corruptible, then they would have accepted Bernie as their candidate and all of the subsequent controversy surrounding Trump would have been moot. I kept trying to tell them that abandoning their support for Hillary as a whole and entirely and contributing all of those votes to Bernie would have sent a very powerful message to the DNC that you are no longer our party, the party of the people. They didn’t do it, and lost as a result.

You say the Republicans are, in their own way, worse because they have always represented corporate interest. I would argue the exact opposite. The DNC as it is now, and for all the reasons you stated, is worse as they KNOW they are supposed to be the party of the people, but have become so addicted to the money that they now choose to allow themselves to be bought rather than standing their ground. That’s why, despite all of Hillary’s donation money, Bernie did so well in the primaries. In many ways, he most closely represented the ideals of the Democratic party. The best example of this, and in my opinion one of the biggest reasons Trump ultimately won, was because of one specific moment during the campaign in a debate when Trump as Hillary: I have already put up about $25 million of my own money into my campaign. How much have you donated to yours?” This moment really demonstrated just how far astray the Democrats have fallen in the eyes of the people, their supporters.

Trump’s win has proven to me that the Republicans have really gone away from their core values, the real core values, not those that Democrats will say that we supposedly believe in. Republicans need to really take a long and hard look at with regards to what it means to be a Republican and decide if this current win, and many that we’ve had in recent history, truly represents who we are as a whole. Because I can tell you that the Republican that I am knows that all of the Republicans we have today, except one in talk only so far, have nothing to do with traditional Republican representation. Trump won because he appealed to some of the core values, and not the homophobic, xenophobic, self indulgent ones that propaganda would tell you we are, but those of limited government,and self determination in society. We the people really can be a force for change. We have the power to make this world a better place. We have non-profits and churches that do just that, and those grass roots movements are what the party is supposed to be about. Government has very little that it can really do to make those things happen, so Republicans believe, True Republicans, that we need to get government the hell out of the way and let people do what they do best. What you’re forgetting as part of the problem is that “we the people” in modern times have become lazy, stupid zombies demanding government to give rather than giving ourselves. “As not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for you.” That might have been the battle cry for a Democrat, but it is supposed to be part of the core values of Republicans. The fact that it isn’t only strengthens my argument.

We the people have the power of we would just take it back. We can’t, or won’t, because that would mean that we are suddenly responsible for everything, good and bad. As things are set up right now, if something goes wrong, instead of saying “we need to fix this”, we instead do the easier thing and point the finger at government, and more specifically the oppositional party and say, “it’s their fault, and if our party had been running things that wouldn’t have happened”. As an example, look at the ACA. Many Democrats I have talked with blame Republicans for the ACA because it wasn’t health care reform that the Democrat people (not party, as I utilize that term to include the people and leadership) wanted. Every single time they blame Republicans, I have to remind them that the bill passed and was signed into law along party lines. Republicans as a whole opposed the bill, yet they are still to blame somehow in Denocrats’ minds.

My intention here isn’t to move into the irrelevant debate over the ACA, but to utilize it as the perfect example of my overarching point: we as a country are exactly where we WANT to be. We are this way because we have allowed corporations to buy our government, and allowed an elite ruling class to form. This was not the country our founding fathers envisioned. This was not the country so many men, women and children died to create. Our government was never meant to be a career option, but a public service to the people around us, in our local communities. You, a family member, a neighbor, or a coworker was supposed to be able to decide that they wanted to add new ideas to our country, and campaign those around to elect him or her into government service, because that person’s ideas were also their ideas. That person, a commoner like you and me, would go to Washington to represent us, then when that individual was done, return home and to work, and continue living out his or her life. As our government is now, we believe that a group of people who are so far removed from our local communities that the group couldn’t tell you the name of one of their own constituents knows what’s best for us and essentially rules over us rather than represents us — and we let them. Then we say gimme gimme, then bitch and moan when we don’t get what we wanted. Then we do it all over again, voting in someone we can say gimme gimme to in the hopes of “maybe this time”. We are insane (in the manner of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results), and we need to cure ourselves of our insanity, delusion, expectation (as in what the government is going to give to me) and apathy, wake up, and learn that we only have ourselves to blame for this mess. We need to make JFK’S quote our mantra and do for ourselves, and thus our country because we need to learn that our government, nor a political party, will do it for us.