Trump Mulls Starting Trade War, Nuclear War, Or Klingon War To Save Presidency
Allan Ishac

It is so sad. I really do wish people would stop getting their news from CNN. Th3 only thing we have proof of is that the democrats are still kissed about losing the election, so much so that they are fabricating fake news, using the press as a loudspeaker, and duping the left with all of this tripe. The Russians taped the meeting and proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that there were no secrets disclosed. And, even if he had, it’s still a non-issue as he is the commander in chief, the intelligence is gathered by an organization that is tasked by the president to gather said intel, and as such he can do with it as he sees fit. If that means he wants to disclose it to the Russians, then he has that right. If the Russians influenced our election, there would be hard core proof of that. There isn’t. In fact, it is coming to light that the possibility exists that the DNC leaks came from an inside source. But, let’s say for one second that they did. Did they commit a crime? And if so, then who in the hell are you going to arrest? Russia? Putin? Moscow? Who? All of this is a well orchestrated smoke screen by the deep state to keep people focused on anything but his accomplishments.

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