Here’s Every Action Trump Took In His Tenth Unpresidented Week As POTUS
Ahmed Baba

Nice liberal slant from a CNN perspective on a Republican. At some point in time, the general American population will stop giving a crap about all of this, especially about the seriously split partisanship in government and will tell everyone to knock it off and do their jobs, or be voted out. While liberals and Democrats would love to see Trump go, the majority in the middle sees what’s really going on, Democrats blocking and struggling to fail this President, and will decide that the remaining Democrats are too narrow minded to even do their jobs, which is ultimately to work FOR US. If things keep going like this, the Democrats could find themselves looking up at an even stiffer climb in two years. Stop taking all of your facts from CNN and look to see what’s really going on for a change. Butt that’s probably too much to hope for.