See my response above (his disregard of people who are not like him, his treatment of contractors…
Leslie Jones

Okay, if you’re speaking specifically about the “Muslim” ban, then let me say this first: Muslim ban is a phrase the media has utilized in order to spin dislike for him. It isn’t a Muslim ban, and I wish that term would evaporate from the American psyche. Unfortunately it wont. That being said, his executive order was drafted based on recommendations made by the previous administration about their intelligence regarding the countries in question, which was enhanced by his own national security team. It was a lawful and legal executive order that was put in place so it would give him and his staff time to collect and analyze further information about the countries in question so as to analyze and create strategies to keep the country safe. The fact is that the roll out was no doubt executed poorly, but the media spin on this, combined with the overreach by the judiciary, countermanded the authority of his office (it doesn’t matter who holds it, the authority of the office has been compromised now as a result of all of this because many other presidents have done similar, but going forward, this has set bad precedent).

Nobody is like Trump. The commoners like us do not have the money to self fund a race for the White House. What he has spoken to is the fact that he is not a politician, let alone a career politician, and he has spoken to the fact that this country is being ruled, not governed, by an elite ruling class who is willing to receive their pay and do things in their own best interests without caring anything for the people who put them there. Trump himself has been on that platform from the beginning, and while his message has not been well thought out at times, one thing has been clear: like it or not he really is trying to fight for us. He is not a professional career politician (remember, he has decided to forego his presidential salary, his benefits after leaving office, and even forego the money sucking $300,000 per hour government jet he is issued as president); he is doing this because he wants to, not because he is paid to. Can that be said even for the beloved Barack Obama? Let me remind you, there have only been two presidents in history who have done what he has, and the last one was JFK. That alone is worth giving him a bit of a chance, and some slack. He won’t be voting for a pay raise for himself or congress. He won’t be looking to special interests to give him money. He won’t be vacationing at Camp David 80 times a year on taxpayer dollars. He is doing the job for free. Can that be said for many presidents, citizens, or elected officials?