You’re a good writer, and to some extent, I applaud your take-no-prisoners approach.
Brian Orner

She is doing exactly what it is that liberals do to conservatives, and your response is exactly what we would expect from a liberal: you do not have freedom of speech because you thought, opinions, ideas, and even research, whether factual or not, so you are not allowed to express them in any forum. Or, if yo do, you must do so in a manner that is acceptable to us. Liberals hate that about conservatives when conservatives talk about things like religious freedom (think of the liberal war on christianity) and black lives matter expressing their disdain for institutional racism through rioting and looting (why should that organization cast light on grievances in a manner that’s acceptable to you?), but when we do it (and believe it or not, the author here, Caitlin, is a liberal) it isn’t acceptable. Freedom of speech and expression (what is said and how) applies to all, not just to those who only agree with you, and thus that very same first amendment that applies to you applies to her and me just as equally.