Your experience is closely related to the point I was raising, though: what I was getting at was…
Henry Kim

While watching the election, I think a big part of the problem is that people couldn’t figure out what Clinton stood for. Sure, she drove home the point that she was looking at the idea of opening borders and cultural inclusivity, but she didn’t tell people like me, the individual who is just trying to get by, working hard day to day, whay she was going to do FOR me. That’s the point of becoming president. Trump drove home what he was going to do FOR me, and laid out that information in really plain English. All I heard from Hillary was Trump isn’t going to do this, and isn’t going to do that, and his supporters are deplorable, but I won’t apologize for calling them that either. In the end I heard her expanding Obama’s illegal immigration policy (opening borders), which is great if you’re here, or coming here illegally, expanding Obama’s ACA, making things worse on that front, and ensuring that people like me don’t have a voice. Now, what we are hearing from the Democrats is we are going to punish republicans for winning by conducting this Russia investigation, and complaining and whining that the health care bill is being constructed behind closed doors. In other words, the Democrats lost sight of people like me, and what they took away from that experience is to stop listening even more (if that’s even possible). They need to get rid of this adversarial stance they’ve taken, both in government and in general, and not only learn (which means listen), from their mistakes, but put together plans that will bring voters back to them. They cannot do that without listening.

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