Europe: you pissed me off. Thank you!
Aaron Birkby

Epic…Thank-you, keep doing what you’re doing Aaron. The message will get through, it might resonate out to the regions too. I’m pretty tired of holding my tongue for the fear of having it cut off… So when the people in senior positions of educational institutions suggest that one ‘startup event’ might be enough to have saturated their campus we know we have an uphill battle. When an economic development officer during a roadshow jokes that ARIP funding should be directed to existing companies whilst Startups ‘fart around’ down here, we know we have an uphill battle. When organisations with defined mandates to serve their paid memberships lead ARIP across major geographies, we know we have some distance to go. When large, profitable, regional enterprise suggests that ARIP could be a funding bucket for them to open their own innovation space as they couldn't sell a UVP to their potential partners or be prepared to entirely fund their own innovation activities, we know we have some way to go. These and more are real challenges faced by regional startup ecosystems. These are the people that need to be encouraged out of their silo’s through Startup Catalyst so they can really get a handle on things and see ways forward beyond the ways of yesterday.

And still, we will keep pushing our way to support grassroots entrepreneurship for rural regional and remote Queensland and do what we do to the best of our abilities.

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