David Mau Scammer & Fraudster Association RETC

David Mau
David Mau
Feb 11 · 2 min read

We want to bring everyone’s attention to a Scammer Company that goes about with the name of RETC. It is a complete fraud, run by a fraudulent director David Mau who loots the other company after trapping them in contracts. Steinberg Valentino holds RETC liable to the breach of contract. They deliberately stated in the agreement that they would make the full payment after the job completion. Of course, they had no intention of paying at all, as we learned later.

Despite our very nice and professional behavior with them, the RETC saw fit to make fools out of us. At the end of our part of the deal, we approached David Mau for payment. They first tried delaying tactics for some time and then on our insistence sent us to different people to get the money. This betrayal of theirs continued for many weeks. Basically, they led us around in circles until we realized that they weren’t interested in paying at all.

David Mau is nothing but a bunch of thieves running this trashy company. All they are fit for is how to cheat hard working and honest companies. Their business ethics and morals are wholly non-existent. Their tactic is to entrap the other company into fulfilling their part of the deal, and as soon as they have extracted what they wanted, they hightail out of the contract and make a run for it. Tracking them has been similar to tracking down thieves to retrieve the stolen money. They have cost a loss of five thousand dollars to our company, i.e., Steinberg Valentino.

We even approached the director, David Mau of the company, only to find him involved in this fraud. This whole company uses tactics belonging to thieves, thugs, and villains who are bent on generating money through liquidating other companies by any means necessary. Anyone else that enters into an agreement with them in the future bear in mind that your company will most definitely be dealt a loss. Steinberg Valentino is utterly disgusted by this leach of a company, RETC and David Mau.

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David Mau

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David Mau

I would like this account to stay here so that whenever someone searches for David Mau or RETC, they’ll know the [scam] activities of David Mau.

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