7 Ways To Optimize Your Youtube Content

1. Catch Their Attention

Make sure to start your video with a key piece of action or something, anything really, to catch the audience’s attention. So how do you do this? Go through the video that you have already edited and try to pick out the single most funny, scary, interesting, or ultimately compelling 3–10 seconds from your video and put it right at the beginning to catch the viewers attention and make them want to see more. This opening can also be a summery of topics to be discussed or anything along with those lines. The sole purpose of this is simply to catch the viewers attention.

2. Get a Video Intro

Either spend the time and edit one or pay someone to make one for you. This isn’t necessarily expensive as you can find high quality cost saving options on sites like Fiverr (Here’s One). This tactic deals with the overall strategy of pushing your personal brand above all else. A distinction should be made between your personal brand and your overall brand as your personal brand should be what (or more specifically who) your audience is directly relating to: you or your representative. This will remind them who they’re watching keep that at their back of their mind as they watch your video.

3. Be Topical

Talk about information that is relevant! This may sound obvious, but you may be surprised how many individuals will put out content on youtube that is entirely irrelevant. This does not necessarily mean that you have to only discuss current events, but find a way to implement major ideas, movements, trends, etc. of the time into your content. This could be as simple as mentioning something in your vlog, to making a whole sketch video about a specific event or celebrity. See how many successful parody videos have gone viral on youtube over the past 10 years. Seriously (Example). That video has over 111 million views. It did so well because not only is it well made and entertaining, it was relevant. The proof is in the numbers ladies and gentlemen.

4. Be Consistent!

If you look at any major Youtuber, they did not get to where they were overnight. Sure, some may be shared by a celebrity and essentially “blow up” over night, but even in these cases, more often than not, the Youtuber was already creating consistent content for a significant amount of time prior to being “discovered.” I like to use the same example with clients all the time. Brandon Stanton, the man behind Humans of New York, once mentioned in an interview that he had been working on pushing out HONY content for a full year before it gained any traction at all. The Facebook page now has over 17.6 million likes and the book that Stanton made including the photos from his page was a New York Times bestseller. Consistency is key. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to put out content every day. Find a reasonable consistent basis on which you can post quality content. This could be once, twice, three times a week or as infrequently as once or twice a month. As long as there is consistency. This brings me to my next point:

5. Keep the Quality High

It’s all good and well if you can put out a vlog every day, but if this content is not compelling to viewers, then even if you implement the tactics in this list and have them watching for the first 10 or so seconds, they will soon get bored and exit the video. This is a piece that can be implemented easily. Learn to use a professional editing program such as Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, and stop editing on free poor quality software. If you simply don’t have the time to edit, then hire a videographer to film and edit your video to increase the quality. This will almost certainly increase viewer retention and make your channel and your content more aesthetically pleasing.

6. Provide Value

The question that you should keep asking yourself is “why?” Why are people taking time out of their day to watch you. Are you hilarious? Insightful? Teaching them Something? Or just simply entertaining. Ultimately your goal should be to give the viewer something in exchange for the valuable commodity that they are providing you with: their attention.

7. Keep Things Cohesive

This may sound more complicated than it is. Ultimately this step is just keeping the general theme of your videos within the same realm. I advise people to use the 65% rule. If you do sketch comedy do at least 65% sketch comedy on your channel. If you do makeup tutorials and at least 53% of your videos are about your dog, you’re going to loose people’s attention, because there will be someone else there to provide similar content about the topics that the viewer is interested in.

Implement these steps and I wish you the best in growing your channel and increasing viewer retention.