The Learning Mind: How to Stop Fighting What You Don’t Know
Gustavo Razzetti

Wow…thanks Gustavo…good post!

There aren’t too many that I read before getting my things done.

Great quotes…timed well with flow of theme.

My writings take ignorance and the assume there’s a resulting fear of the unknown. Yet, like with your child on the piano, the unknown doesn’t always harbor fear.

The post I’m working on now shows how by Siddhartha removing his ignorance of the unknown (the principles ruling impermanence), he was able to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Your theme brings modern-day meaning and functionality to what I discuss. Siddhartha was able to self-train a mind calm enough for him to control a sustained awareness where impermanence manifests itself in his flesh to sensually witness it to establish an experiential history with it. Over time the assimilated self-knowledge gained inspires the insightful “aha” wisdom that allows the understanding of nature’s principles to unfold his conscious awareness…thus enlightened to the ignorance that caused his discomfort with the present moment.

…anyway … really enjoyed your account of how to “stop fighting what you don’t know.”

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