Apps That Keep Me Alive

As of June 2016, there were over 5 million combined apps available in the different app stores. One can only assume that number has grown tremendously since then. New apps are likely released every minute of every hour of every day. Some are cheap remakes of already existing apps, some are one-hit-wonders whose popularity are short-lived (FlappyBird), but others really stick. Here are some of the apps I can’t go a day without using:

5. SoundCloud

For 12 (yes, 12!) hours a day, I’m a software developer. That means I’m either reading or writing code. This entails an incredible amount of concentration. You know how in those old movies, the hacker is always pumping some uptempo, techno beats? Well, I’m that hacker personified. I love electronic music, and the best, FREE resource for electronic music has to be SoundCloud. I’d say I use this app for at least 5 hours a day, if not more. It’s like the Instagram of EDM.

4. Google Play Music

Now to King’s Landing we go! That’s my home. King’s Landing. Anyway…When I’m at home, chances are I’m either on Netflix, working on my laptop, or doing some miscellaneous task. Nothing makes doing miscellaneous stuff enjoyable than a dose of good music. That’s where my Google Home comes in handy. I just hop onto the Google Play Music app, find a playlist that fits the mood/task and cast that to my Google Home. In fact, music is playing right now. I haven’t tried the Premium version of the app yet, but I can only assume it has its many benefits over the free version. One being, you can’t directly search a song in the free version, only a playlist related to the song, which may or may not include the song. Still a solid app, which is great for parties/hangouts, too!

3. Medium

Like, duh?! This app is definitely one of the constants in my life. To put it into perspective, I’ve probably had the Medium for longer than I’ve held a girlfriend. That probably says more about me than the app, but you get the point. It’s an incredible resource for creative writing of all different forms. Poetry? Check. Self-help articles? Check. Fictional stories? Check. Random articles about apps? Check. You can pick up the app at any time and begin to read, which is perfect for those solo lunches, or breakfast time at the local coffee shop. It’s incredibly easy to just pick up the app and begin writing your own stuff, too. Best of all, it’s all completely FREE!

2. Messenger

This app is trying to do a whole lot of things these days and, for the most part, I’m totally with it. Most of the people I’m in constant contact with or care to talk to are on the app, so it’s really convenient to just open the app and send a message to that close friend, prospective girlfriend, or relative who’s miles away. Making Messenger my default SMS app, is also a life-changer. No more app-hopping to send a simple text message. Everything can be conveniently in one app.

1. Google Keep

The Big Daddy of note-taking apps, Google Keep keeps me in sync with my life. I use it for shopping lists, to-do lists for work, saving quotes I want to remember later, useful links, documents, images, recipes, workout routines, you name it! I couldn’t count the number of times I’ve forgotten something, opened this app and, like magic, a note is there to remind me of what I’ve forgotten. The ability to add items to my Google Assistant Shopping List via my Google Home makes it feel like actual magic, too! I can’t remember life before this invaluable app, but I imagine it was some twisted, unproductive mess.

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