5 top goals for 2018

David McIvor Goals

  1. Meet my first year financial goals for my just-launched new business, GYMGUYZ.
    Challenges: New brand with no awareness, momentum; New to entrepreneurship; Filled with uncertainty as to how to succeed.
    Actions: Develop and execute sales and marketing plan; Invest in learning to be a successful business owner; Commit to 52 Weeks as PD and accountability.
    Why Important: Invested significantly to start business; Needs to become profitable to pay back and support family; Intended to provide for retirement and family security.
  2. Be the husband my wife wants and deserves.
    Challenges: Emotional detachment; Time; Understanding her needs.
    Actions: Be engaged and open; Commit time and prioritize; Listen and talk.
    Why: She deserves it; Most important person in my life; Makes me a better person.
  3. Do more for and with my kids.
    Challenges: Time; Laziness; Selfishness
    Actions: Commit to time with kids, on their terms, everyday; Do something 1-on-1 with each of them every month; Do one big project together.
    Why: My greatest achievements and joy; What I do for them now will shape their lives; They want me to be their hero.
  4. Lower my body fat from 15% to 12% remaining at 165 lbs or more (lose 5 lbs, gain 5 lbs LBM).
    Challenges: Hardgainer (haven’t been able to gain muscle without significant fat); Irregular schedule for training; Irregular schedule for eating.
    Actions: Complete NNMB 2.0; Schedule training; Prep meals.
    Why: Being fit is an important part of my persona; I need to represent fitness for my business; I can translate my experience
  5. Become the better man
    Challenges: Self-doubt; Lazy habits; 
    Actions: 52 Weeks; Read for self, fitness and business; Commit to self development
    Why: I need to change to have a better life for me and my family; I need a life of purpose; Its my biggest challenge/fear of failure.
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