Important question: Who will kill Ramsey Bolton?

With the battle of Winterfell slowly approaching, the hope is the Starks find a way to win and take back Winterfell. Now the question arises that’s more important, who will kill Ramsey? He was the immediate successor to Joffrey when it comes to most villainous in a story of gray characters, but his death will be oh so satisfying when it comes, we will need the right person for the job.

The first, and probably most likely, is Jon Snow. He’s been threatened directly by Ramsey, had his sister threatened, his brother, as well as the Night’s Watch. Short of Ghost, that’s pretty much everything that Jon cares for in life. You add in the fact they are both high born bastards, but Ramsey has taken the route Jon declined in being legitimized, and there’s a natural rivalry there.

Brienne, being the personal guardian of Sansa, will likely be in position at some point to take out Ramsey. She is someone that stands for truth and honor, and Ramsey has shown himself unable or willing to live up to those standards. Throw in the karma of Ramsey enjoying the hunting of women, and Brienne being the most physically formidable woman in all of Westeros, and you have a glorious act of vengeance for all the women Ramsey has wronged.

The Hound is perhaps my favorite option to kill Ramsey. He and Sansa have a thing together as of yet undefined, but we know he’s willing to do anything to protect her. His honor, even though he denies its existence, will not let anyone threaten Sansa, and Ramsey is a psychopath he can actually do something to, unlike Joffrey. Plus, he would be the most thorough of the bunch, having by far the most killing experience. To top it off, it would be so poetic for someone who hunted women with his hounds to be killed by fearsome man they call the Hound.

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