When Incubations Shine: Showcasing Ideas from the CA Accelerator

Innovation energizes and inspires. It’s takes us on a journey with an unclear destination, but a ride impossible to match.
The key to positive outcomes is keeping customers at the center of all we do, always. For the ten incubations from the CA Accelerator program on display at the recent CA World event, customer feedback is the currency of success. The guiding principle: learn fast.
All ideas were formulated by employees and continue to be curated by them, truly our greatest asset.

CEO Mike Gregoire shared some of our secret sauce, the Lean Canvas. We use Lean Startup principles to ensure ideas are continuously validated and refined.

Distinguished Engineers, who serve on an Angel team and advise the incubations, were on the big stage to answer some very probing questions from CTO Otto Berkes. Tech geeks yes, but with diverse backgrounds their points of view were refreshingly candid.

For the KnowThings.io team, device virtualization for IoT developers is a mission. They continue to assess the value of accelerated dev/test cycles.

FreshTracks.io is blazing a trail around container/Kubernetes monitoring using Prometheus and machine learning. A moment of quiet before the show begins.

Instant Agenda makes meetings less painful. Apparently, it’s a common problem.

The Yipee.io team is making it easier to engineer microservice apps by providing visual modelling for DevOps teams. BTW, any idea what their logo is (see Yipee.io)?

Oh, and they really love Game of Thrones too.

Many attendees were inspired by WhoZoo, which applies machine learning to understand fellow employees’ specialties and skills.

There’s that logo again!

In retrospect, our Day 2 TechTalks may have been a tad microservice heavy.

Despite an intense couple of days, everyone had fun. CTO Otto Berkes led the way by pausing, ever so briefly, for a selfie with Accelerator GM Howard Abrams from the big stage.

And while the company is harnessing the best of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have also been very transparent about its limitations. Poor Chihuahuas get no respect.

Will someone please tell me what that logo is???

Like life, innovation is a journey. Not sure where it will take us, but we’re enjoying the ride.

See you next year in Miami!