We’ve been getting “DevOps vs ITIL” wrong
Jon Hall

Where in all the discussions of ITIL VS DevOps, do the zealots on either side recognize that what both of these frameworks (is DevOps a framework, or just a conceptual model?) are obligated to optimize… are business processes?

IT departments get so wrapped around the axle trying to deliver the latest technology that they fail to deliver what their customers really need (for competitive advantage), optimized, automated business processes.

ITIL describes the lifecycle for aligning IT services to support the business strategy. The key here is aligning (Design, Transition) the available technology solutions (people process, Hdw, Sftw) to deliver the business processes required to meet the business strategy, and to ensure processes are in place to continually optimize these business process automation solutions based on the business strategy

DevOps is about optimizing the design of business process automation solutions and continually improving these business processes, based on tightly managed (automated if possible) collaboration between Dev and Ops. The new thought leadership in DevOps evolved around leveraging advances in virtual infrastructures and the enhanced capability to automate operations process/procedures, to evolve to a “Plan for Failure” and “automated recovery” focus.

This is not a new set of IT service lifecycle process requirements! None of the IT Service Mgmt. lifecycle processes go away! The real forward thinking, customer focused DevOps folks are automating ITSM processes, not arguing their value.

DevOps and ITIL should be recognized as 2 essential service management capabilities, supporting the same fundamental goal; Optimizing business processes) not as competing bodies of knowledge.

It is sad I think, that the “IT wizard” culture has permeated the evolution of DevOps. We should have learned our lesson with ITIL, and the damage that ITIL zealotry did to the rapid adoption of the required shift from an internal technology focus for IT, to a focus on optimizing business processes.

To those of us who watched the ITIL trend for 15 years, recognize the threat that DevOps zealots pose for slipping back into the internal IT, technology-centric “IT provides cool solutions based on new technology” paradigm, distracting IT from “IT provides services, via cost effective process, to optimize business processes” paradigm IT’s customers demand.