Sunday Reads | 02.12.17

Each Sunday I post up a series of posts/articles that get my interest and consume my breakfast time. They are a mix of business and socio political pieces.

Having taking a bit of a hiatus from Twitter (maybe permanent this time) and having deleted my Facebook, I am continuing the reads, but doing it via my threads in a post.

  1. The World is Designed for Men. A look into how design is biased in favour of males
  2. The Slow Denim Factory. I visited this venue few weeks ago. This article is a great insight into the slow fashion mentality that shapes it’s culture.
  3. Threadless grows up. The darling of the tshirt ecommerce boom has faced challenges and has had to mature.
  4. In praise of Tesla’s bankruptcy. No short term gains for investors who are playing the long game with Tesla.
  5. Why philosophy is so important in science education. Nuff said.
  6. Stuck in the moment. How social media keeps us stuck in the present but could benefit from reminding us of history.
  7. The low profile, high stakes world of venture lending.