5 Spartans who race for a reason

#4 may astound you.

Every racer has a reason — a reason to sign up, a reason to show up, and a reason to push relentlessly to the finish line. The reason is always different, but it always needs to be strong if it’s going to carry you far.

We asked five racers who crushed the Pittsburgh Spartan Sprint last year for their big reasons. Here’s what they said.

1. Michael B. (39) — to push the limit.

“I race to push myself further than I ever believed possible, and to prove that age is just a number.” — Michael

2. Angela G. (42) — to cross the finish line together.

(Angela on right)

“I love the mental and physical challenges of the course. I enjoy training with my husband and crossing the finish line together. Also, the energy and teamwork I find among the other racers is inspiring.” — Angela

3. Jackie L. (23) — for the challenge.

“I race for the challenge, to become a mentally and physically stronger athlete, and to inspire others to lead a rewarding Spartan lifestyle.” — Jackie

4. Scotti M. (53) — To inspire those around me, especially my seven grandchildren.

“I race to inspire those around me, especially my seven grandchildren. Age is NO barrier. I race for the empowerment that comes from pushing my body to the limit and discovering just what I am capable of. I race for the overwhelming sense of accomplishment. I race to be a part of this amazing Spartan community and family.” — Scotti

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5. Skylar W. (24) — for the excitement.

“I race for the excitement and nervousness that you get before the race starts, and the feeling of accomplishment as you cross the finish line. It is a great way to challenge myself and push myself through tough obstacles. Nothing beats being able to cheer on friends and strangers to work as a team to complete the course.” — Skylar

Why do you race?

The reason why you race says a lot about you. When we face obstacles in life, our minds have no difficulty finding reasons to quit. That’s the easy part. To keep moving forward, you have to dig deep.

Spartan Race exists to rip millions of people off the couch and teach them that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It’s more than a race; it’s a lifestyle.

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