The Adventurous Wombat Pt. 1

Once upon a time, in the rolling prairies of Eversun, there was a furry little wombat. He lived in a hole on top of a knoll, and every day when the sun crept over the bright pink Pokano trees, the wombat would climb out of his hole and scurry on down the knoll to find something to munch.

As far as the diets of furry little wombats go, this one’s was not unusual. He munched on grass and sedges, and sometimes he would even chew on a bit of bark from the bright pink Pokano trees. His fur was thick and grayish brown, his eyes were black and beady, and on his nose were seven whiskers, each an inch and three quarters long. All in all, he was a happy little wombat.

His name was Sarah.

One day, just when the sun crept over the Pokano trees and turned all the prairies pink, Sarah woke up from a long, long nap and decided to do what he usually did — climb out of his hole and scurry down the knoll in search of something to munch. But before he had started to climb, he noticed that something was not right. Sarah the wombat sniffed around and smelled a smell he’d never smelt.

“What could it be?” chattered Sarah. “It smells scary, like peaches on fire!”

Curious as a canoe, Sarah clambered out of his wombat hole. With each clamber, the scary smell grew stronger — and scarier! Soon, Sarah was trembling and could barely clamber any more, his claws were so trembly. Finally, Sarah poked his furry little head out of his hole. His beady eyes opened wide, and his little wombat mouth bobbed open like a Boba fish. As far as he could see, the whole prairie of Eversun was on fire.

“Ho ho hee,” said a strange, warbly voice behind Sarah. “What oh what have we here?”

To be continued.

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