Think Your Coffee Tastes Good?

Try Doing *THIS* 24 Hours Before Your Cup

Close your eyes and imagine the perfect day of rest. (Now open them to keep reading.) You’re sitting at your favorite coffee shop, your hands wrapped around your favorite book. A bit of rain outside — but the kind you don’t mind; it’s relaxing. You stay for one hours, two, three, and the all the smells, tastes — and even the bit of soreness in your arms and legs — feels like an immense victory.

That’s because yesterday, you did something incredible.

You, along with thousands of other brave souls, conquered the rugged terrain of the Pacific Northwest. You overcame obstacles. You jumped over fire. You crossed the finish line and claimed a medal that you truly deserved. Some said you were crazy. Heck, maybe even you said you were crazy. But crazy or not, you did it. And now you can bask in the delicious taste of well-deserved rest.

Sounds good to me.


*Sigh of contentment*

*Quick page turn*

People run Spartan Races for all kinds of reasons — for the sense of accomplishment, for the fun, for the challenge…the list goes on and on. But the one constant is that everyone has a reason. Seattle Spartans are no different.

We asked five Seattle Spartans why they come back to the course every year. The answers we got nearly parted the clouds in the sky.


The Question: Why do you race?

1. Edward G. (47) — for the challenge.

“I enjoy new challenges. The Spartan Super has about twenty-five challenges, and I get to race with my daughter. It is one of the highlights of the year for us. #WhyIRace
“That picture was from early in the race, and by the end we were much muddier. We’ve done the Seattle Super twice now, and we’ll be doing it again next year. I signed us up as team ‘Dad Made Me Do It,’ but in truth my daughter really enjoys it.” — Edward

2. Cassandra L. (22) — to demonstrate how far I’ve come.

“I race to prove something to myself. I’m my own biggest competition, and every time I cross that starting line it’s another opportunity for me to demonstrate exactly what I am capable of and how far I’ve come. #WhyIRace” — Cassandra

3. Trevor O. (31) — to be a warrior.

“I race to challenge myself mentally and physically. I train in Jun Sa Hapkido and our team name is ‘Jun Sa,’ which means Warrior. The Spartan Races are great for building strength individually and as a group by pushing ourselves to the limit. #WhyIRace” — Trevor

4. Kansas W. (24) —to show myself I can endure.

“I race to remind myself that I am capable of enduring great suffering. A Spartan Race pushes my mind and body to the limit. Reaching the finish line after every race is proof — reminding me that the real suffering in my life is also endurable. #WhyIRace” — Kansas

5. Joshua J. (32) —to push myself to new limits.

“I race to push myself to new limits, to find out who I am when it’s easier to quit and go back, and then to drive forward. The character you build through these races can’t be expressed into words. #WhyIRace” — Joshua

What’s your reason?

The reason you race says a lot about you. When we face obstacles in life, our minds have no difficulty finding reasons to quit. That’s the easy part. To keep moving forward, you have to dig deep.

Write your reason below as a response to this story.

Spartan Race exists to rip millions of people off the couch and teach them that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It’s more than a race; it’s a lifestyle.

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