In this article, I explore possibilities on how to improve in-moment experiences converging physical and online shopping.

Wireframes collage and an App Clip code
Wireframes collage and an App Clip code

Have you ever been in a shop and waited too long to ask a simple question about some trousers that you like, like size or color availability? Have you ever walked at night in a shopping street and fell in love with a product in a shop window?

Imagine being able to scan a code and access directly to the product information, be able to check product availability, and order it without having to walk into a shop. All this without having to download a company app — all this is possible with App Clip.

But wait… what is App Clip?

In this article, I share the methods, tools, and learnings that could be applied in UX research.

Illustration with a woman holding a post it and 3 documents representing a design thinking process
Illustration with a woman holding a post it and 3 documents representing a design thinking process

Doctors of the World Spain have been developing a program on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) for almost 20 years. Last year I worked for them as a researcher, conducting participative and qualitative methodologies to learn from their project’s participants on FGM. The aim of this research was to reflect on their process and learn from their participants’ (users’) experiences by identifying good practices, lessons learned, and formulating recommendations for the next steps.

In order to achieve this goal, our team decided to conduct a systematization of experience. This methodology is used with the aim of improving practices based on a…

An easy way to communicate with your neighbors, share information, offer help, or ask for it.

The context

This project was developed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Social distancing, lockdown, and isolation place society in a difficult situation. But as it often happens during these circumstances, it disproportionally affects vulnerable people, especially the elderly, and those without economic resources.

It has been a situation of uncertainty, fear, anxiety and loneliness, but it has also demonstrated the humanity and kindness inside of us. Social initiatives have been carried out in every city, by citizens and neighbors wishing to support each other. The idea behind this app is to promote community building and to facilitate mutual support within these networks.

The process

Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”

-Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder)

Have you ever been in the situation when you have a special dinner and you go to a wine shop to get that wine that would impress your guests or your host but once in the shop you realize you have no idea which one is the best, it suits with your budget or the food that you will prepare?

As UX Designers…

Tikkie is a helpful app to send payment requests via WhatsApp. In this article I will show you some new features that could improve the user experience.


Stakeholder pain points

As the main objective this week it was to train our UI skills the whole Design Thinking Process was faster and shorter. This process started with an interview trying to understand my stakeholder (and dear classmate Bart Weber) pain points and the context when he uses the app. After our first meeting I could identify the JTBD and the main pain points:


  • The main JTBD is to facilitate the process of paying a shared bill.
  • The functional aspect is to let your friends know how much money they owe you.
  • The emotional/personal job is to be sure that you…

Harm reduction is grounded in justice and human rights — it focuses on positive change and on working with people without judgment, coercion, discrimination, or requiring that they stop using drugs as a precondition of support.

I’m a UX/UI Designer but as a sociologist most of my work experience has been working for an NGO as a Project Manager, and one of the social inclusion topics that I managed was drug consumption. I worked using a harm reduction approach and this NGO even used to have a supervised drug consumption room for injecting drug users . While I was working there we created leaflets and booklets focused the safe drug use for male sex workers or transgender sex workers, adjusting health advice to their context and situation.

Our first individual project at Ironhack was focused on…

David Morales

UX/UI Designer with a background in sociology and methodology in social research.

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