Growing up in England during the 70’s it always seemed there were a ton of comics to read. The homegrown Whizzer & Chips, Dandy, The Beano, etc. Also a slew of US ones from Marvel and DC. But in 1977, when I was 8, something new dropped into my local newsagents — 2000AD.

This had the feel of something different. The art was more “realistic”. Stories weren’t the usual fare, no super heroes for one. Looking back it seemed almost subversive. …

The digital circle on my wall tells me it’s 75℉ outside. It’s half way through October.

I don’t need that to tell me though, as I look through the open windows I can see the trees are still green. Barely any Autumnal changes yet. I mowed the grass yesterday in shorts.

I have to go and buy a new microwave as this morning it shut itself off and flashed the code H98 to me. A quick search on my phone tells me that indicates a primary failure in the magnetron or inverter circuitry. Cheaper to buy a new one.


I can’t do it anymore. I need a personal break from Twitter.

Maybe it’s the election, growing social tension, or just the echo chamber it’s become but I need to take a breather. Unlike Facebook, I’m not closing down my account, just going into ‘post-only’ mode. Thanks to the Indieweb I can syndicate content from here to Twitter, have any replies fed back into my blog and reply accordingly.

Part of my dissatisfaction comes from the lack of user progress I’ve seen too.

Since Twitter capped it’s API, killing 3rd-party app growth, the innovation slowed to a snails pace…

Instagram is moving, or moved, over to a non-chronological timeline.

To show their displeasure at this, some people are posting images with arrows indicating where to change settings. This will #KeepInstagramChronological.

Here’s the problem. They all seem to be iOS users. How do I know? Because none of the ways I use Instagram have anything where the arrow is pointing.


For me there are four essential things I need in my day-to-day tasks as a professional “UX-er”.

  1. Notebook — These, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. My current large notebook of choice is The Confident from Baron Fig. It has a certain heft to it. Lays flat, comes in a dot grid, and the bleed from pens is acceptable.

I always carry at least one back up and that has been something from Muji for many years now. They are affordable, take ink well and survive being stuffed into bags or pockets. …

I was interested to hear some music shared on Twitter, but the link was to Spotify. I don’t have an account, but the @Spotify username I wanted freed up. So I installed, tried, got instantly annoyed, then uninstalled.

Guess I’m just stuck in my way of listening, but having “similar” tracks inserted into album that I can only listen to on shuffle, is ridiculous. Also I only get to skip a few tracks then “discover” a premium feature to unlock is a ridiculous gamification ploy.

I know a whole of people like this way of consuming and discovering music, but it’s just not for me.

Same reasons why I don’t use the radio stations in Google Play.

Back to the blogs, podcasts, and personal recommendations for me.

Originally published at David John Mead.

Dave Winer posted an interesting piece not too long ago. About encouraging a friend to take their Facebook comment and repurpose it as a blog post.

They ended up putting it on Medium, which was Dave feared would happen.

As Dave points out, Medium’s become the place to post think-pieces and hot-takes alike. But, it could all go away. Worse still, your posts could downplayed by them and not seen by as wide an audience.

Medium posted a, I think, well positioned reply. But the fact remains that the masses still see posting anything outside of a silo too “techie”.

David Mead

An Englishman abroad — Been working with the web since the 90’s, main focus now is UX/UI. Moved to Cleveland, Ohio in 2001.

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