Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

In climbing onto and up the class and economic ladder, white European immigrants — that is all of us whites — have been encouraged to step on the heads of all non-whites with supremacist propaganda and promises of a better life if we do so. That is my heritage and is my enduring advantage in this dog eat dog world. All of us whites in the world have gained a legacy which no non-white person can be expected to share without fierce super-human strength and endurance. How much do I personally owe to the labour of African slaves, to the tea pickers in India, to the builders of the Pacific railroad in the U.S., etc. The society and economies of the US and the UK is built on enslavement of non-white peoples who have been denied their fair share for their labour. We all need to firstly recognise this, bring it into a truth and reconciliation forum, and pay up with financial, housing and educational programmes which are designed by those who have been stepped upon and enslaved. We whites cannot design them due to our historical blindness and the general truth that no one gives up privilege voluntarily. We need to enshrine love in all of our institutions; a love so tender as we would naturally give it to all of our own children without them having to ask.