Why Indivisible Pittsburgh Needs to Disband
cosmo luce

  1. There is a big difference from using the tactics and being like the tea party! using effective tactics is smart thinking, re-inventing the wheel is never efficient!
  2. You say that “Many of these organizations are not being approached by new groups … or if they are approached, it is as an afterthought.” Then reach out to these organizations, expecting them them to know about all the groups or organizations in the area is rather arogent. Someone has to start so why dont you take on that task.
  3. Rather than complain about “inexperienced organizers” help them understand the situation and educate them on the issue. Writing an article like this does nothing to encourage their leadership to your concerns and only demeans the efforts of new grassroots groups who may not have as much experience with organization and inclusion. This is one of the main problems progressives have is they continue to “eat their own” and not try to come to a mutual understanding.
  4. Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining. ~Teddy Roosevelt.
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