Just Ask A Piece Of Grass What It Takes To Break Through.

David Meltzer
Jul 19, 2017 · 3 min read
Image Credit: Michael Moller/EyeEm | Getty Images

Life is a series of opportunities with some seemingly better than others. One of the things I stress is that in order to break through you have to be more interested than interesting and press and keep pressing everything to get the most out of the opportunities afforded to you.

For example, in my final year at Tulane University Law School, I had to make a choice: do I want a career in the courtroom or does my passion lie somewhere else? Either way, the decision I made would lead me down significantly different paths. When the opportunity arose to get involved with the Internet and an Internet business in its “pre-chasm” state, I saw it as an opportunity to really be a part of something big (again, “pre-chasm” is when only early adopters know of and use a product).

Others weren’t so sure.

I remember the skepticism and doubt that emanated from everyone surrounding me, but I knew what the opportunity entailed and what the reward could be. It would have been easy for me to graduate law school, join a D.A’s office and prosecute cases in a courtroom for years. That, for all intents and purposes, would have been the logical (read: safe) route. But I wanted more. I knew that a breakthrough in this then budding field of technology was about to happen, and I bet on myself and the abundance of the universe that it would work out. Subconsciously, back then, I trusted things would happen in the right way at the perfect time.

And, sure, enough, it did. Although not technically seen as such, Westlaw — providing online legal information — was among the first successful “Internet” businesses with one of the Internet’s first search engines. During my seven years there, West grew to a $17 billion dollar company in gross revenues, clearly proving that the Internet was not going to be a fad.

Again, I could have easily listened to those who truly loved me, but as hard as it was, I knew me best. An analogy I like to use is that of a blade of grass. Think about everything that blade of grass has to do to break through the soil and enjoy everything the Sun has to offer. But as you know, the closer to the earth’s surface the harder the earth. So as we get closer to our objective, the harder it gets. In fact, so many times when we are just about to succeed and grow free in the light we quit because the dirt is just too hard.

That isn’t what you want to do.

In order to break through and become the person you want to become, you have to weather the layers of uncertainty and get through the “rocks” of life. Bet on yourself and the abundance of the universe with confidence knowing that when all is said and done everything the “Sun” or “light” has to offer will be worth the effort and trials. Everything will come in the right way at the perfect time … just don’t quit.

David Meltzer
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