On Wine. A tragedy.
Ryan Opaz

I’d like to offer up an opinion from someone who was (and still is) a fan of wine and has since become involved in another craft movement — chocolate. You are somewhat saying two different things. You tell people that they can like what they like, which is completely fine, and that there is no perfect wine, which is also fine. However, there are definitely flawed wines. And like craft beer or craft chocolate, there are flawed makers in those fields as well. We should never reward mediocrity. The volatile acids are a flaw in the craft chocolate world, yet most of the 100-or-so makers in the US are not processing their chocolate well enough to get rid of it. And yet, the thought that “everyone’s palate is different” somehow excuses terrible work. That’s where I disagree. While there is no perfect chocolate, beer, or wine, there are certainly better ones and worse ones. And if someone buys a wine completely blind, and you know it’s terrible, there’s nothing wrong with educating them on what exactly is flawed with it so they can make better choices in the future. So many people simply buy wine based on the label anyway, that anyone that can offer up help, should. You’re doing a disservice by keeping silent when people are asking for your opinion. But again — I have no problem with the idea that someone can say “this is my favorite wine” and it’s terrible. But, you could certainly bring them a better bottle and ask them to try it and see if they like it better than their favorite. You may be surprised.

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