Inclusive Business

There is something special and overwhelming for all parents when their child reaches high school and the focus turns to what they intend to do thereafter.

No more so than pupils with differing abilities but for them, the opportunities are bleak because of prevailing issues of prejudice and misconception.

Like all children venturing into the workplace, they have four main avenues to pursue.

Further education — this offers little in preparing them for opportunities.

Corporate — an ingrained ambivalence to plan for proactive change or facilitate an inclusive culture

Start a business — high risk, unskilled and poor support structures outside an already overstretched family.

Welfare — where most end up for a myriad of reasons besides the above.

All it takes is a savvy and conscious franchisor to invest in a pertinent go-to person who understands the various community’s needs to provide a life-changing opportunity for all parties.

Is there a franchisor out there up for the challenge?

Are there families willing to make it happen?

I think there just might just be.