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Working out at the gym is great, and you should be making time to fit in an intense workout 5 days a week. But being active doesn’t stop once your class ends and you hit the showers. Sure, you might need a little downtime to give your body a break, but sitting around for long periods of your day can still wreak havoc on your body, even if you’re getting in hour-long workouts 5 days a week. One study found that watching TV for prolonged periods every day increased women’s chances of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes by 23%, regardless of whether or not they exercised regularly.

How to stay active outside the gym

With the weather warming up, it’s getting easier to find ways to stay active even after you have left the gym. Here are a few ideas to get you started during your leisure time:

  • Go for a walk: Even a short, 10 minute walk is enough to loosen your legs and get your blood flowing. If you have kids, bring them along for a fun way to enjoy the nice weather and get everyone away from the TV.
  • Go for a hike: This one will take a little extra planning, but it can be a lot of fun. Find a trail near you, pack a lunch, and spend a day enjoying the great outdoors.
  • DIY car wash: Picking up materials to wash your car yourself will cost about the same as one trip to the automatic car wash, and you will have everything you need to wash your car all summer long. Get in some additional activity by sudsing and rinsing the car yourself, and save some money while you’re at it!

Stay active at work:

Sadly, we don’t all have the leisure time to go for a hike or wash our own cars every day or even every week. But that doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to be a statistic just because you work a desk job. Here are some ways to maintain the health benefits of all your hard work at the gym even when you can’t get outside:

  • Take the stairs: You’ve probably heard it before, but we’re saying it again. When you have the option to take the elevator or the stairs, take the stairs! Stairs also provide a great quickie workout if you are trying to get in some extra mileage. Going up and down a flight of stairs for just 10 minutes can burn 100 calories!
  • Follow the 45/15 rule: Set a timer to remind yourself to get up after working at your desk for 45 minutes. Walking, stretching, or just standing for 15 minutes every hour can counteract negative side effects of sitting.
  • Walking meetings: Need to meet with a co-worker to go over some new strategies or to brainstorm? Opt for a walking meeting instead of the conference room. A Stanford study found that walking “boosts creative ideation in real time and shortly after.” Simply put, an active meeting is good for your body and for generating new ideas so you’ll likely have a more productive meeting while you’re helping your body. Win-win.

We would hate for all of your hard work at the gym to be counteracted by an inactive lifestyle outside our doors, which is why we encourage all of our members to seek out activities during their work and leisure time. For more ideas or for questions about 3 Elements Lifestyle, contact us today.

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