Men Dump Their Anger Into Women
Emma Lindsay

Nice post I really do agree with what you have said however I have a question.. (Since you kinda make it sound like men are horrible altogether)

I was talking to a lady and even asked her out (we chatted and got along well), she said “I’d like that”, but given it was mid month she didn’t have money and asked if we could do it in 2 weeks when she gets paid, even though I offered to pay she said she prefers to pay her own way and I accept that fully.

Today I find out she is now in a new relationship (FB) — like today!, a day or two from ‘pay day’.

Now as you put it.. Before I go and “vent” my anger toward the general female population that keeps doing this, I want to know how you would feel if you were me?, A thing to know about me is I am asperger so Im pretty much very straight forward but not in a negative sense. And yes I do go to therapy to cope with depression and stuff like that, I’m keen to hear your response.

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